Dr. Chan's

Nurturing Life for Radiant Health & Vital Longevity.

Our microbusiness started in 2013 with our organic raw vegan live probiotic beverages, Feeling Good Tibicos, followed by Superior Taoist Tonics in 2015.

Our live fermented probiotics and Traditional Chinese Medicine inspired formulas are carefully created by Dr. Miin Chan (MBBS, BMedSc University of Melbourne).

Our products are ethically produced and lovecrafted in microbatches using only the best local and organic ingredients.

We undertake regenerative business practices by using Australian made ecologically sound packaging and labels.

You can find our delicious, gut healing bottles of joy, Oriental Womb Service herbal soup mixes and Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon Biodynamic Herbal ACV Tinctures at your favourite independent grocer or organic retailer, as well as at accredited VFMA Farmers' Markets near you.